Divorce and Awakening Part 1

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You woke up one morning and realized that you need to change your path in life. You may have made that decision because you seem to have no other option.

Many of us are fortunate enough to realize that our true path in life is not the life we currently live in, and we understand that we are going to have to make a change with our new found realization. Once this consciousness surfaces, there is one route to take: the route of growth and self discovery one travels when walking their true path.

A strong impediment is fear; fear silences the inner voice. Giving in to that fear will forever take away your ability to live a life that is true to yourself.

When you accept yourself unconditionally, 100 percent, you no longer have fear since you acknowledge your own existence, and you value it. You find yourself worthy and you begin the journey to complete personal fulfillment.

Divorce is the way for a few to pursue their true path and learn unconditional self love and self acceptance, after healing and forgiveness has taken its course. Embrace yourself as you are worthy.

Faith Nouri, Esq.
Certified Family Law Specialist