We Need Your Help! Vote For Nouri Law on Chase Grants!

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Link to Vote: https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/1137


We need 250 votes by 6/19/2015


Tell us about your business and what makes it unique. Please provide a general description of your product, customers, competitive landscape, and overall performance.

At Nouri Law, we have worked for over a decade helping many people with their immigration and family law issues. Our main objective is to assist clients while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our practice. It is a daily challenge working within our congested court system and with clients who are under an extraordinary amount of stress because of their immigration status, or as a result of a child custody dispute, a financial dispute and the dissolution of marriage. Our goal is to help each of our clients achieve the very best outcome possible in their case. We are conscious of the stress our clients face, and we try to alleviate their fear and stress while guiding each client toward their goals. We do not create unrealistic expectations simply to get retained. We like to help and we believe what we sow, we reap. We all are connected as human beings and we need to treat each other the same way we would like to be treated.

It is very important to find an honest advocate.


  1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? Describe both your greatest achievements and biggest challenges.

I started working for a mid-size firm when I began to practice law and I noticed that promises were made to clients that would be impossible or unlikely for the attorney to fulfill and unrealistic expectations were created. I quickly realized that I cannot operate in that manner, so I decided to start my own business to keep the integrity of my practice and to provide a good service, as I intended when I was sworn in.

My greatest achievement is to disengage when I see the engagement is not benefiting my client. I do not let my ego take over in such a way that my client ends up paying for my foolishness. Most clients do not have the legal training to spot when their attorney’s ego or lack of proper knowledge tip the scale toward unfavorable outcome. I also try to focus on the issue and find a solution instead of insensibly arguing a position that is not supported by the facts of each case or the law.


  1. How is your business involved with the community you serve? Examples include: giving back to the community, sourcing locally, and/or contributing to economic development via hiring.

We have been involved with community pro bono activities since we started opening our doors. At first it started with volunteer work with the Domestic Violence Clinic and nonprofit organizations events by providing free legal services. I have received a good number of recognitions from City Officials for volunteer work. Presently, we serve local communities by providing free legal services, providing important information on new laws, and assisting low income families. We represented children with the U.S. Commission on Children and Refugees for several years by representing children before our courts, on pro bono basis. Since then we continuously provide free legal assistance to our community non-profit organizations as well as our courts by resolving disputes for courts on a pro bono basis to decrease the local court’s load of cases at the present time. Our contribution to the Southern California community is through our pro bono services, free legal advice to communities, and assisting constituents of local non-profit organizations with legal services.

  1. What would a $100,000 grant mean to your business and how will you utilize the funds? Please be as specific as possible.

An attorney’s stock in trade is time. We have the education and experience to help people with their legal matters by providing emotional well-being guidance, and we have to bill for the time we spend doing so in order to remain viable as a business. With this grant, we would like to assist victims of domestic violence and children abused physically and sexually through mentorship, guidance and stimulating their eroded self-esteem and self-confidence. Currently there is a huge gap in connecting needy individuals with available resources.

The specific services we would like to provide include:

  • Reaching out to family courts to provide coaching and mentorship to parents and families through introducing mindfulness, meditation, self-reflection and guidance;
  • Counseling individuals to access community resources which are there to help them get on their feet and achieve financial and emotional stability;
  • Directing or coordinating with local state colleges and universities to train individuals with job skills as needed;
  • Directing or coordinating with local businesses for job placement;
  • Directing individuals to online courses/videos available to assist those victims with eroded self-worth to regain their identity as a valuable and productive person.


  1. What are your short-term (1-2 years) and long-term growth plans for the business? How will this grant contribute to your plan?

We intend to promote the emotional and intellectual well-being of families in our community who we become aware of through their legal issues.

We strive to become a better community by reaching out and offering what we know best, and connecting with the individuals in our midst who feel isolated by abuse and enslaved to the abuser’s agenda for their life. You cannot build a strong community without giving each person the tools to empower that individual to become self-sufficient, to grow into their very best self, to care for their family’s needs and also to contribute to the community as a whole in a meaningful and beneficial way. Each person has a unique gift and is a potentially valuable asset to our community as a whole.

We would like to empower each individual with our mentoring and by assisting them to get to know themselves all over again. The idea is to take away an individual’s victim mentality and replace it with self-empowerment.

We envision helping many people to become self-sufficient, and stable emotionally and to pass this health and stability to their children, enabling whole families to contribute to the community in meaningful ways.

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